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Be the employee your organisation can’t do without

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 While there is no guarantee that an organisation won’t fire an employee for no just cause, you can place yourself at a point where the chance of that happening is reduced by becoming a real asset to your company.

Added to this pack of being a great employee is the possibility of promotion and better pay.

What will get you there is hard work, showing yourself to be effective and efficient in what you are assigned to do and effectively abiding to what you promised to bring to table.

To do that, there are certain rules or processes that will get you to that point where you can be indispensable.

Value your job and add value to it. You must learn to be valuable and stay valuable. There are things to learn because the more equipped you are with the skills you have acquired, the more competent you will be on your job. Know what makes your company tick and work in that direction. Attend trainings and seminars and try to obtain additional degree to enable you move up the ladder.

Take up tasks as companies can easily do without employees who do little. Work efficiently and with less time. Make inputs that are viable to make to your assignment or the project at hand. Don’t be afraid to point out how things can be done better and in more cost effective manner.

Know what your supervisor wants you to do. Most times you cannot tell if you are meeting the target expected of you. Ask your supervisor or boss to specifically tell you what you are doing right or wrong and make amends on your part. Ask questions and be a problem solver. Being a problem solver makes you indispensable in an organisation.

Be a team player. If working in a team, make impact in whatever team you are in. in order to achieve that, it is pertinent to be socially active and friendly. Cultivate a good relationship with your colleagues and most especially, your boss. Do not isolate yourself in a bid to be better or with the thought that you are better. Be of help to your co-workers and cultivate expertise in an area and be able to assist in that area whenever you are called upon.

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