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The era of relying on just a job to pay you is far gone. In this time of economic recession, having a side job that fetches you a little extra cash to sustain your expenses is not a bad idea. The good thing is that there is quite a number of such jobs to indulge while still working at your regular 9-5 job. To start one, what you can do and your knowledge about it will go a long way to set the business on the part to success. Here are some of such businesses you can invest in while still doing your regular job.

Graphic design

With creativity and huge motivation, you can design or alter someone else’s design and get paid. The first thing to do however is to learn the ropes of the business thoroughly, preferably under someone who is a professional. This will give you the experience you need for when you eventually starting off on your own. Graphic design is relatively easy to learn, the popular use of Adobe illustrator, websites like Canva and Visme are making it easier for learners.

Sales for commission

There are opportunities where you can make money from selling and getting from 10 to 20 per cent commission on whatever it is to sell. Target start-ups because they usually take on commission only sales persons to help drive their sales and expose their business. Be confident enough to check out companies with products or stores to negotiate your commission. You can call it a commission based freelance sales while on your job, but the point is that you should be able to sell what you are going for. For example, Amaka works as a secretary in an office, but during weekends, she goes to a big store that sells women’s things. As a long time customer in the store, after proving competence and integrity she collects their cloths, make up and shoes and makes 10 per cent off every item she sells.


If you are a good writer, there are different ways to make money. Today, apart from newspapers and magazines, there are online blogs and news sites looking for competent writers. Another option would be to write a book that can be packaged into a downloadable ebook and sold online. As soon as you are sure of an interesting theme to write on, take the chance of applying to different online platforms that can help you market and sell. You can also choose to be a ghost writer, that is, if you’re talented at researching and creating great content within a certain subject domain.

Sell online

If you have a product to sell, you can basically post online and sell. Sites like OLX, Jiji, Jumia, Deal Dey make that easy. All you need to do is register and post the items then wait for buyers to indicate interest. Believe it or not, more people shop online these days. Deal Dey also allows people to sell services like web designing, graphic designing, cleaning, restaurant, just about any service you give and get paid for, on their site.


Many people are making money just consulting these days. They basically just use their skill set, certification or experience garnered over the years in a particular industry and use it in their free time to make money. Start by being the best in whatever you do, whether it is giving a lecture, marketing, arranging business strategies, manufacturing, designing and so on. Sell yourself and help people solve their issue then get paid.


Blogging is a viable source of income that can be started with little fund, thanks to WordPress. Writing is a basic skill needed for blogging, however blogging on creative contents and topics that relates to everyday life of people will keep readers rushing to your site. You have to find a niche, consider who your target audience is, read and read, check out other blog sites to help you start yours. You can blog on entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, food, finance, relationships, etc, as long as it is interesting and something somebody would want to read. On the long run, with enough traffic on your site, you can start to make money from adverts from both Google Adsense and others.


With a camera and good editing skills, photography will take you to the moon and back. Capture moments and get paid for it. Start by doing free shots for your friends and family to help build your portfolio. The market in photography is huge because at every point, people are always celebrating, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, naming ceremony, engagement, etc. How good you are will determine how far you will go and evidently, how much money you will make.


With good editing skills, you can get paid editing people’s works. From books to posts, publications and all, there is a lot to be done. It is more or less a Good job to do without affecting a job in anyway. If you have a degree in English and you have a passion for editing, you good to explore this option.

Fashion designing

As long as you can sew, this is a lucrative side business to do when you get home from work and on weekends. There is no harm in starting small, design or revamp a dress or cloth into something appealing and wait to hear what people think. Friends, Family and your colleagues should be your initial market, be able to tell and show what you can do and watch how much work you will get. As long as you are good, you need not worry. You can sell yourself on social media or sell your products on Jiji, Deal Dey or Jumia.

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