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By:Martins Itua


Sometimes, life can throw mud at you or even throw you right inside the mud. You may be tempted to imagine that your situation is special and peculiar. It can seem like the rest of the world around you is having fun while you are swimming right in the mud waters of hunger, sickness and sadness.

But the truth is that everyone you see around you is dealing with one challenge or the other. The difference is that some people manage to wear a smile and a happy face despite their many troubles. You should never be under the illusion that you are alone in this world and that life is unfair. Yes, it may appear so but often, life is simply what we make of it. When you go round and ask others what it is they are dealing with, you’d be surprised that some of them have much bigger challenges than you have. There are people with nice clothes and beautiful cars but underneath those fancy clothes, they may be carrying leprosy but you will never know. There are really no guarantees in life. That is why you hear stories of some people who sleep and never wake up. Some go to work and do not return. There are people who are caught on the wrong side of a conflict and get hit by bullets. It does not mean they are bad people or haven’t prayed enough but that is simply what life is, sometimes.

The easiest thing to do when faced with a difficult situation is what is called self-pity. People like to throw pity parties and wear long faces so that everyone who sees them will tell them ‘kpele. But sorry never gets anything better. Everyone, no matter how highly placed they may seem, is dealing with a challenge. The only time when people stop dealing with challenges or problems is when they die and that is why when people die, we usually say rest in peace. It means that they have rested from their troubles. You need to take a visit to the hospitals or prisons and you will be happy that your situation is not so bad. There are people who are in prison for offences that they didn’t commit and some have been sentenced to death. There are others in the hospitals who are simply just praying for death to come because of the complexity of their situation. But take a look at yourself. You can eat and poop when you want and you can move your body parts as you wish. You are not in prison. The truth is that your situation is better than several millions of people who would wish they were in your shoes.

First, how do you deal with that situation? You should avoid seeking pity from people. Don’t lie down hoping and wishing that things will automatically change. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. You need to get up and start doing something with your life. There are people who contemplate suicide thinking that suicide is the only way out of a terrible situation. But you know, suicide is never the best option. If everybody who had a problem committed suicide, we will all be dead.

There is always a way out of that situation. You may need to change your circle of friends because the friends you keep determine who you are. Sometimes, you may need to upskill and learn something new. You probably studied a course in an area where there are no jobs, you can learn skills in areas where there are jobs. There are always jobs but there are hardly people to fill the spaces. The problem is that there are very few people who have the required skill-sets to fill those vacancies. Sometimes, you may need to opt for adoption of a child or seek out children to help who would otherwise have no one to help them out.

Last of all, you should never quit until you win. People who see quitting as an option are never winners. However dark the night is, you should always remember that the night is darkest before the morning. You must allow resilience to define your character. During these times of economic uncertainties, there will be challenges but there will also be opportunities. One door may have closed but if you open your eyes, you will see other doors of opportunities that have opened to you. But they not look like opportunities at first, so you may need to look at them very well. You may need to humble yourself and step down a bit. Climb down from the high horse and allow yourself to grow again. Help will come but it may not come from the people you expect it from. When you go through difficult times, even your best friends may leave you. But that is normal and it should not make you to quit. Your wife or husband may even leave you during hard times but you will not be the first and certainly will not be the last to experience that.

Don’t be a victim of life but instead let your life be a testimony.

Best wishes from Financial Freedom NG.

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