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Have a fun-filled Children’s Day

Spend some quality time with them, get to know what their interests are, treat them to some goodies – without letting the harsh economic realities bug you down.

This year, with the economic recession, you might be thinking of the easiest and cheapest way to make your children feel ‘fl y’ on their special day. Here are a few ideas:

Spend time with them doing fun things

Plan a fun time with your kids, a time mapped out to play games, share jokes and dance around in your living room.

Take the fun outside

Picnic is a great, easy and cheap way to spend time with kids as part of family bonding. You can cook and bake snacks, get a few drinks and bring them to the park to enjoy with other children at the park. You can include games too.

Take them out to their favourite place

Children have this spot where they love and are excited to be at. You can take them there and include driving round town too, to show them places they usually don’t go by. Just be sure to pack a few of their favourite snacks and drinks to feast on while you drive.

Make a special card for them

You don’t have to buy a card, you can simply get a paper and crayon and put down that special message or word you want them to remember all their lives.

Attend a free children event

There are events organised for Children’s Day celebrations every year, track one down and bring your kids there and watch them giggle as they interact with other children at the event.

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