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A leader cannot give what what he doesn’t have

By:Martins O. Itua

A leader cannot give what he doesn’t have. In fact no one can give what they don’t have. We must all study and understand the principle of the leadership lid. You simply cannot outgrow the intellectual capacity, world-view, critical thinking ability, etc of your leader. This principle is the most crucial in selecting or choosing a leader. If you decided to hire a plumber to carry out the job of a brain surgeon, you really have no right to blame him when he uses kitchen knives to carry out the operation and kills the patient. Wearing a lab coat doesn’t suddenly make him a brain surgeon. Same principle would apply when you hire a taxi driver to fly an airplane. Your guess is as good as mine.

You can only truly know a leader by his antecedents…not necessarily, by what he says, even though this is also important. We must engage and interrogate potential leaders and find out what their worldview is and their capacity to solve problems. Some people simply just want to enjoy the perks of the office and have no interest in doing the job.

The major problem that we face as a continent is that we have leaders who really have no clue what they are doing or where they are going. What do you expect when an army of lions is led by a sheep? Our challenges are numerous and this is not the time for trial and error solutions. We must only elect leaders who have a clear road map and have shown by their past records their ability to think and solve problems.

I do not for once imagine that leading a nation is an easy task. But that is the more reason why we cannot leave it in the hands of someone with no clear agenda or an inclusive ability. In the end, we can only see real growth and development when we have the right leaders. We must resolve to get it right and vote out nincompoops and religious bigots from office. It really doesn’t matter where people come from or what language they speak or which religion they belong to. We must move beyond these primordial sentiments and elect people who can deliver on their promises. Period!


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