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My bail-out fund scheme

I’m lying in all day today because of my resolve; the resolve to never go for events, meetings and outings that would not add to my stack of naira notes! Laugh all you want! Laugh like I am the only one going broke in the guise of making everyone happy, reaching out to people, supporting friends. Mtcheww! Before you label me whatever you wish, earning naira has increasingly become a ghost hunt.

To get customers these days is tough, to get clients to pay for services is herculean and more so, as a business woman, I am supposed to understand the pulse of the economy and bear with them. Who is bearing with me? Bearing with the fact that I am simply keeping up appearance these days?

I so envy taxi men and yes, women and those who make money on-the-go! But wait! Only God knows how they survived the fuel hike and queues just gone by! Hmmn! I no get that kain stamina. Petty traders, I always felt, made money easily, opened up on the life-and-death profit margins they have to accept just to get by.

Back to my own business area, where my passion lies, what do I do than to cut down on outings and stay indoors? Not like people bother to dash a fine girl money these days after admiring you, without asking for ‘more’. Abeg, allow me lie in my room until the tides go, and just maybe my scarcity in public will make those who desperately want to see me, pay ‘appearance fee’ like celebrities are paid. This my resolve, may just be my celebrity bailout fund scheme!

By Uzo Stephens

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