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Do you fall into the category of people who work on a 9 to 5 job but thoroughly detest your job and only go there because you have bills to pay? Bursting Out section will be sharing with you ways you can do something you might enjoy and get paid for it.

Nigeria is learning hard lessons from her recent economic downturn arising from being a mono-product economy. How could any sensible Nation think that they can build a future on a single commodity who’s price is determined by the forces in the international market? But along with the challenges have come numerous opportunities both in the local and export markets.

The export market for Agricultural products is largely untapped and  has huge income potentials. So the question is how do you make money by exporting non-oil products? The export business has a unique set of challenges and you must be aware of them before venturing in. There are both financial and legal sides to understand in the export business. But first, let me share with you specific non-oil export products in Nigeria.

  1. Cassava flour
  2. Snails
  3. Ginger
  4. Leather and footwear
  5. Palm kernel oil
  6. Cashew nuts
  7. Bitter cola
  8. etc

There are different options available in plugging into the export value chain. The easiest option with the least requirement for start-up capital is to be a product sourcing agent for exporters in Nigeria. This means that you deal directly with the farmers and you might be required to arrange logistics to transport their commodities to the city.

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