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Pamela Okohue is a full time employee and CEO of Pamlazaccessorizes, an online Jewellery/Accessory Store

By Comfort Barida

The Genesis

The inception was May 2014 during my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). Prior to then, I had always loved jewellery and a little bit obsessed with them so I bought a lot of them. One faithful day, after I got back from my usual jewellery shopping, I excitedly showed the jewellery I got to my elder sister and she told me they were beautiful. She commented that I got good eyes for unique accessories and advised me to start selling jewellery as a side business. She practically bought the first set of jewellery from me. That was how I started this beautiful journey with just four necklaces and two earrings.


My take on Entrepreneurship

I do not believe it is sensible to live on just your monthly income alone. It is wiser and better that one is able to develop other sources of income. I believe the keys to succeed in any business is patience, hard work and perseverance and above all prayer.


Challenges in the jewellery business

My major challenge in the business is when customers don’t pay on time. When I first started, I used to sell jewellery to many customers on credit but it was because I wanted to have a good relationship with them. The second reason was to keep their patronage. But most of them took advantage of that and refused to pay their debts. This greatly affected my capital as I wasn’t making any profit and was on the verge of giving up. Then I started receiving orders from customers that I had previously sold to or had seen my accessories. That was the turning point of my business.

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Advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to work hard, believe in yourself and your hand work. They should not be in a hurry to make outrageous profits. It is always better to concentrate first on building your brand.

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Looking Back

Looking back, I am so thankful for how far I have come. Thanks to social media marketing as it gave my brand the needed publicity. I recently just capitalized into the bridal market for bridal accessories. All I can say now is that something big is coming. I am glad I never gave up.

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Future plans

My future plan is to own my own jewellery brand, where I can make and sell beautiful and affordable jewellery.



Pamela Okohue is the CEO of Pamlazaccessorizes, an online Jewellery/Accessory Store.


Tel: +2348165515568

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