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If you are considering a viable side-business while maintaining a regular job, car wash services make a good option. Most car owners live very busy lives and hardly have time to wash their cars so they would not mind parting with some money to have their cars thoroughly cleaned while they focus on their jobs and other businesses. But to differentiate yourself from every other car wash out there, you will need to be able to provide exceptional cleaning and prompt services.

To comfortably start a car wash service, you would need an estimate start off grant of about N150, 000. You would also need a good location where people can easily drive in with minimal inconvenience. You require water, detergent, pressure pumps and brushes for the tires. You may need to buy a vacuum cleaner or just a nice broom to clean the interior of the car. It is advisable that you start with three people who will wash the cars and whom you’ll place on commission for every car they wash. It would also pay off to find out how others in the business run their business. While you’re at that, find out first-hand the number of cars they wash and the other opportunities in the business. Let us do the analysis for you.

Commission for your employees

Employees need to be paid after every day’s work. This keeps them motivated. Paying between 40 percent and 50 per cent per car is also advisable because you need highly motivated people working for you. If you charge N1, 500 per car and pay your employees 40

percent it means that they earn N600 per car. Most car wash places charge additional N1,000 to wash the engines. It takes an average of 30 minutes to completely wash a car when it does not involve washing the engine. From 9a.m. to 6p.m., each person can easily wash 18 cars, earn N600 and walk away with N10, 800. If you are opened for six days a week, each person can make over N250, 000 per month. Profit for you with three employees as explained above washing 18 cars per day and being paid 40 percent for every wash, you have a margin of N900 per car. In a day, you can easily make N48, 600. If you work for six days in a week, you can make up to N1.1m in a month. You need the following to start a profitable car wash:

Business plan

You will need to have a business plan which clearly defines your strategies, marketing plan, capital requirement, short and long term goals, SWOT analysis, cash flow projections, etc.


A good and accessible location is an important factor in starting a car wash business and requires careful consideration, before making a choice. Get a place that is located by the road where car owners can easily drive in to wash their cars and drive out. It is important that you are in a visible location so that people can easily locate you or see your car wash when they are driving by. It is advisable that you locate the car wash in a place that already attracts human traffic such as a shopping mall or petrol station. When you locate a good place, you need to discuss with the owner or landlord for a rent/lease agreement.


It is important that you get a good building engineer to design a good drainage system so that water can easily flow out into the main drainage.

Sitting space for relaxation and light refreshment

People need to be comfortable while their cars are being washed. So you will need to provide a comfortable space with chairs for them. It is also advisable to provide good music and someone who sells soft drinks and water for those who might need to eat and or have a drink.

Most times, the first step is the hardest but you need to make up your mind regarding which side business you want to embark on. You do not need forever to make this happen. Start by visiting a car wash around your office or home. This might just provide the needed motivation you need to start yours. Once you decide, start to look around for a suitable location and check for the prices of the essential items. Then begin to write down how you will be different from the rest. Give yourself a time frame and start

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