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Martins Itua

I joyfully welcome you to our maiden edition of financial freedom weekly newsletter. In the last few months, I have spent a lot of time teaching and interrogating different classes of people on their financial plans for the future. Almost everyone I have engaged has given me that melancholic look of despair and fear about what the future holds. It was either they didn’t understand or didn’t have any concrete plans about their future happiness. How could anyone not be thinking of the rainy day or when they are unable to work due to illness or early retirement?

Everyone is literally petrified and seems helpless in the face of the current economic uncertainty in the Country. Bankers are scared the most due to the looming crisis in the industry and the shrinking of income lines for banks. Civil servants are even more scared due to the dwindling national revenues and the fact that in many cases, civil servants retire into abject poverty. Students and young graduates seem despondent as the opportunities for new jobs are simply non-existent. So I’m often asked what is the way forward.

The focus of financial freedom weekly newsletter is to first of all educate people on the need to take control of their financial future and show them how they can make this happen. It is also our objective to show people that getting a job and living on a salary is the easiest option which cannot guarantee any real financial freedom as nobody ever got rich through a job. The future belongs to people who will dare to step out and take their financial happiness in their hands.

In the rise of the entrepreneurs section, our plan is to share true success stories of people who dared to be different and be their own bosses. Yes, it is never an easy option but the dividends are huge for those who persevere. In this edition, we have shared the story of my friend, Bisi Kuku who from day one determined to work for himself and today, he has done extremely well in the information technology industry.

I sincerely hope that you get inspired and motivated to aspire to be the best you can be and to build a future that can truly guarantee financial independence. As someone told me during one of my sessions, if you don’t plan when you have black hair, you will beg when you have grey hair.

Please join me on this ride to financial freedom. Let us all stand up and be counted.

Thank you.
Martins Itua

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