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Thanksgiving all the way


By: Uzo Stephens

 Thanksgiving all the way Hurray!  My ministry is moving on money wise. This past week, a former boss of mine called me to do some consultancy job for him and contracted my company for an on-going project too.  It’s good to excel and be the best at whatever you do.

And please when you have to resign from a job, it’s good to leave respectfully. It brings to mind, a friend who pulled out of an event deal honorably. He wrote a powerful letter to the CEO of the project, making him and his company look good on the surface yet making them feel guilty. I guess you can relate to that kind of scenario, right?

Back to my gist, I used to write and publish media copies for my boss as an employee, and he always said I was the best publicist he knew. But you know, what they say about multi-skilled people, we never quite concentrate our energies on a particular thing. So I sort of left that publicist side of me. But the power of being great at your skill is just my saving grace on this deal. So I am officially packaging confidently to be a great publicist for brands.

And my former boss has joined my clientele and more brands are still coming. Let no one, deceive you that there is no money in Nigeria now! Recession or depression, you must repress the status quo and progress this year.

I am still on the path of owning my space and working hard to stand out as a phenomenal brand but I am hopeful that this is my year to make real money. Say, Amen if you believe. Remember, I’ve been prophesying recently too. You gotta believe me.

I’m so laughing hard.

About that car I want to buy for my parents, I have even added the goal of flying them overseas – to relax. This babe is poised to prosper. Would you tag along with me? I am no longer ranting but I am full of thanksgiving!


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