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Financial Freedom

Why You Are Responsible For Your Financial Future

Every day, the economy is getting worse and everybody is looking for a way out. Surprisingly, there are still some people who do not think they have to work for the life they want to have. They’d rather sit and dream, go to church and pray, fast, sow seed in church and just hope that a miracle happens. Well, as Karl Max said, religion is the opium for the poor. It will ultimately lead us to nothing if we do nothing.

Think about it, when a baby is born, he/she doesn’t just start walking. The child needs to learn how sit, crawl, stand and suddenly walks. No one plants a seed and it grows immediately. Nature is the definition of stages and we ought to learn from it. So, whatever you aspire to have, you have to make it happen, you don’t sit it out.

First you have to ask yourself these questions: What are my financial goals in 2016 and beyond?; What 5 steps have I taken towards achieving my financial goals?

The Reality

It is absolutely pertinent that we understand the nation we live in and how bad it is and will get, if we don’t do something. For people who do not know or have not been told, Nigeria is in serious financial distress.

Today, more men in their late 20s and early 30s live with parents; more men are comfortable dating older women for money; men are more emasculated today than say,15 years ago. Values of integrity, chastity and delayed gratification mean little or nothing today. Nigeria’s economy is worse today than any time in our history.

Over 70% of the 80 million youths in Nigeria are either unemployed or underemployed. According to our Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, 110 million Nigerians still live below the poverty line which is a Dollar per day. Still, over 400,000 students graduate from higher institutions yearly and are pumped into the labour market to continue the endless search for a livelihood. Daily, people are exploited and frustrated. Some of our ladies have become sex toys while in search for job.

Government is obviously not ready to make life better as what we have in Nigeria is a government for a few and not for the people. I mean, over 70% of Nigeria’s budget is spent on Salaries of less than 1% of our 170m population. How do you justify the fact that despite the sufferings of millions of Nigerians across the Country, Government officials still send their kids and families to worlds’ best Universities and Hospitals, live in the best houses and ride in the best cars with long convoys. In Nigeria, our experience confirms that our politicians must take care of themselves first i.e. recoup investment before they’d think of looking down.

The thing is, miracles only happen when we do something. Nothing ever happens when we do nothing. In the midst of the challenges, there are millions of opportunities. What you see is what you get, so we must see the cup half full. To be successful, we must envision a future full of possibilities and then we must make a resolute and deliberate commitment to create sustainable wealth.

We must learn to start from where we are because everything starts small. We will never start as long as we are day-dreaming about starting big. Every great corporation started with just an idea; hence you must not wait for perfect conditions. Plant the seed, then water it as it is not enough to plant the seed and go to sleep. We only become great at doing something; hence there are no great sleepers.

However, the choice is yours to make as you can choose to do nothing about your situation or just hibernate and even recoil. You can also pray for God to change things and leave everything in his hands. Another option is to complain and moan everyday about how terrible things are in the Country, try to run away to Europe or the United States in search of greener pastures, resort to untoward means to make money i.e. sell drugs, 419, etc,. You can  blame your parents for giving birth to you, blame the Government for not providing jobs OR, YOU CAN WAKE UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE.

We will guide you in making the right decision financially. We will instigate total reorientation and change of mindset about your life and success as we present to you clear business opportunities lurking around you.

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